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Combining Old-World elegance with modern style, Ago is definitely eye catching. The main dining area, an outdoor patio is infused with linen and blond wood, setting a charming, relaxed tone for the perfect romantic hideaway. Depending on the time of the night you venture in, you may catch any number of celebrities gathering at the bar, or any number of in-crowd gazers. Obviously, the impressive clientele of ago is a major draw for people hoping to catch a glimpse of a star. And when you have an owner such as Robert De Niro, how could crowds not follow in droves? Yet while de Niro and the draw of celebrities may initially bring people to ago, it is obviously the wizardry of Italian Chef, Agostino Sciandri that keeps them coming back. Sciandri entices our palates with captivating and satisfying array of pasta dishes, risottos, seafood and steaks. Ago is just like the charming seaside or countryside Trattoria you’d discover a few kilometers outside of Florence.

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