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Decorate Winterfest
Contact Information
Phone: 954-767-0686
Address: Contact Dawn at the Winterfest Office

The average private boaters spends approximately $500 on decorations - learn the tricks of the trade and view award winning boaters and what they spend on decorating by clicking here. WINTERFEST also has PROFESSIONAL DECORATORS that can help you create that "WOW" entry for the parade. Please contact Dawn in the Winterfest office for details-Make sure your rendering will be approved.

Below are some decorating Ideas For your Boat from e-How

Make a decorating plan for your boat. Decide if there is enough room for a Christmas tree; make sure it doesn't block the captain's view so he can safely navigate. Decide if you can use plug in Christmas lights or if you need battery operated lights. Decide on the type of decorations you want to use. For instance, it may be a themed Christmas boat parade requiring special decorations. Keep in mind that the decorations need to be visible from the shore. Small decorations are difficult to see.

Buy only decorations and Christmas...

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